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Hello, I’m Hayati, a visual designer from Cyprus. I’ve been interested in Photoshop and painting for a long time now.

I’m inspired by people I see in everyday life. The fun begins when I mix them together with the best classics.

Scroll down to see some of my work.

#1 Flirtatious


#2 Mona Lisa In 2018

Mona Lisa In 2018

#3 Family


#4 Starry Night Tour

Starry Night Tour

#5 Bat Gogh

Bat Gogh

#6 The Air Contitioner

The Air Contitioner

#7 Psycho Kid

Psycho Kid

#8 Rasta Girl

Rasta Girl

#9 Like A Swan

Like A Swan

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Global refugee and migration crisis Tue, 18 Sep 2018 14:22:37 +0000

There are now 68.5 million forcibly displaced people around the world—more than at any time in modern history. These are people who have fled extreme dangers, whether to escape relentless bombing, an invading army, gang violence, or other life-threatening circumstances.

Those who have been uprooted from their homes often face further struggles on their journey to find safety, including lack of access to essential needs like clean water, food, shelter, personal security, and health care.

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) works in a number of countries that have experienced massive population shifts due to conflict, including Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, South Sudan, and Democratic Republic of Congo. We also treat large numbers of displaced people in the world’s leading host countries for refugees, including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Jordan, Lebanon, Uganda, and Ethiopia.



Those who have been uprooted from their homes often face further struggles on their journey to find safety, including lack of access to essential needs like clean water, food, shelter, personal security, and health care.

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) works in a number of countries that have experienced massive population shifts due to conflict, including Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, South Sudan, and Democratic Republic of Congo. We also treat large numbers of displaced people in the world’s leading host countries for refugees, including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Jordan, Lebanon, Uganda, and Ethiopia.

Our teams are responding to a humanitarian crisis in Central America, providing medical and mental health care to tens of thousands of refugees and migrants fleeing extreme violence in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemalaand in transit through Mexico.

We are constantly finding new ways to treat displaced people wherever they are—even while they are on the move. Our focus is on providing vital medical care, including mental health support and treatment for sexual violence.

Under international law, refugees and asylum seekers have the right to protection from violence as well as access to food, shelter, and medical care. Increasingly, governments around the world—from the United States to members of the European Union—are closing their borders and enacting inhumane policies designed to deter refugees from seeking asylum. These policies trap vulnerable people in dangerous conditions and leave them exposed to further violence and persecution.

MSF’s actions are guided by medical ethics, which means that we have a duty to provide care for those who need it, no matter who they are or where they are. Bearing witness and speaking out about extreme needs and unacceptable suffering are at the heart of our mission.

This Is Why Solo Travel Is So Necessary Mon, 03 Jul 2017 04:45:53 +0000

There are mixed opinions about the idea, and actuality, of traveling solo for pleasure, especially as a young female. When I first started traveling on my own as a young 20-something, naturally many of my friends (and more specifically my mother) expressed concerns. Not only for my general safety, but also for what my desire to journey alone indicated.  

My decision to book a random destination to journey to was never based on anything other than my love of movement, seeing new places, and, I’ll admit, ongoing introverted tendencies coupled with a deep fondness for my own company. I had endured more than one relationship with individuals who, for whatever reason, did not enjoy traveling which hindered my own adventures. When I was on my own there was nothing to stop me. I didn’t think about it long and hard, I just did. 

For me, traveling alone was the opportunity to disengage from everything that was a part of my every day world, including the aspects of myself that weren’t the most forgiving.

Solo travel offered me a freedom to just be. I could engage with small talk if I chose to or hide away in my own thoughts.

I could walk a city’s streets for hours without an unhappy companion complaining. I could hide in galleries all day. I could wake up each morning with the only plan for the day to be to get lost somewhere new with my camera, my notebook and my thoughts. 

All of my memories of traveling are vivid and detailed, but none more so then when I travel alone. For me, it really is the most sincere feeling of freedom. Even when it goes a little wrong – especially if it goes a little wrong. Traveling alone became my drug. Every other month or so I would feel the corners of my mind stroking up memories of climbing mountains in Budapest, or walking the cobbled streets in Copenhagen and it wouldn’t be a harsh leap to me seeking the next flight out for a long weekend somewhere new. 

One of the last times I travelled solo was a deep breath for the soul for me. After a year with a lot of lessons learnt, but a lot of memories to forget, I knew I needed to take some time out. I booked a flight, a hotel, packed my backpack and in the middle of December landed in an exceptionally cold and foggy Switzerland. It was everything I needed. Over the course of my stay the weather kept step with my emotional state. Intense thick fog gradually started to clear up until by my final days it was clear blue skies. It sounds like something made for fiction, and no doubt time has evolved the memory a little, but when I look back through my journal and photos of that trip I know my memory today is actually not too far from the truth. 

I needed the solo journey to be better able to come back and be the me that had gotten lost over the last year. I was excited for where the coming year might lead but not expectant for anything. 

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be”.   

I let go of a lot on that trip and it wasn’t easy but it was definitely worth it. I set my feet back down in London. My flatmate advised she had a friend visiting and planned for us all to meet that evening for dinner. I spent the day walking the streets of London, with my camera, my thoughts and a smile. 

It’s funny when you look back on the smaller moments of life before they become the big moments. All day I knew nothing of the person who would be joining us for dinner, I never thought to ask my flatmate anything about them, not even their name, yet he has now become the person I want to know everything of. He is the first person and last person I speak to everyday and has been such nearly every day since we met at that dinner table. 

I didn’t realize that Switzerland would be one of my last solo adventures. The last time I travelled on my own was to make the 20 hour journey to move from London to Australia to be with the man I met at that table. That is another story in itself, one full of ups and downs, but one I wouldn’t ever change. 

I have no doubt over the years I will travel alone on occasions, but having travelled with my partner by my side, I know that those future solo journeys will rarely be through choice. 

I can’t recommend traveling alone enough. It is one of the scariest, loneliest, most exciting, rewarding and soothing experiences you can go through. It helped me build so much of myself when I needed it the most and there is no greater joy than traveling somewhere unknown only to be greeted with a part of yourself you didn’t know was missing. 

Travel far and near on your own for as long as you can. It will aid you become the person you might be and that is the person the rest of your Life will want to greet. A part of Life happened to be ready to greet me at a small Vietnamese dinner table in South East London after a soul fueling trip to Switzerland. Now all my journeys start and end with him and the person I want to be – for myself and for the rest of our shared travels together.

What The Type Of Pet You Own Says About You Fri, 30 Jun 2017 07:53:00 +0000

Many underestimate the daily joy a pet can bring to your life. I personally feel everyone should own one. Their adorable, mostly innocent selves make returning home after a long day all the more pleasing.

I’m proud to claim I categorize as a “dog person,” and would like to bid a special hello to my haters. Dogs as a whole are wonderful. That opinion, however, is neither here nor there. An enormous amount of people and families have dogs. I’m here to focus on the less common pets.

You can’t make judgements about a dog owner. In fact, you can’t really make judgements about anyone who has any type of pet. That’s not going to stop my uncontrollable ass, though!

This, ladies and gents, is what the type of pet you own says about you.


You like pot, mostly. You smoke a comical amount of dope and probably listen to Metallica. You’re not the easy-going pothead who’s enjoyable to be around, either. You’re likely very awkward socially, and definitely wearing a hemp necklace or bracelet right now. T-shirts with wolves on them entice you. All of your former lovers have been homely and in poor physical condition. Male scorpion owners either have ponytails or sincerely admire guys who have them.

Hermit Crab

You have very few friends, if any. If you’re not a child there’s a high likelihood you have a learning disability. Generally your hair looks as if it was cut by your mother on the back porch. You don’t “get out” much, and when you do it’s usually for water ice or minigolf.


The rat owner typically exhibits sociopathic behavior. Presumably, you’re in a seemingly permanent sexual dry spell. You don’t bathe as much as you should and seldom groom pubic hair.


We have a few possibilities in the realm of snake-owning. You might be very low in self-confidence and deluded, believing the snake might actually make you appear cooler. You could also be a heavily pierced tattoo addict who goes out of your way to make people uncomfortable. Of course, you may just be a young lesbian. Those who own snakes predominantly aim to be unique but fall short in the thinking department. It has been proven multiple times that the snake owner who brings it to parties is the most terrible of any pet owner.


Your idea of trendy hasn’t advanced since 2001. You illustrate poor decision-making and your house smells like stale piss.

Guinea Pig

You’re a young girl with an exhausted mother. Either that or a sexually confused boy who has difficulty developing friendships.


Nobody wants to be around you. You’re an abrasive sicko. You have deviant sexual fantasies, typically involving violence and clown costumes. Your little brother Kevin hates you because you show him no respect. Your girlfriend looks like the female version of you, only fatter.


You failed to realize a pet monkey would be the largest priority in your life. Now you’re insane and still have 30 more years of caring for this rowdy and hairy infant.


You dabble in hallucinogens.

Bald Eagle

You’re very patriotic, yet exceptionally inbred. You firmly believe women are only for breeding. You have nothing positive to say about any people of color. You make love to a pile of rusty tools everyday. You’ve earnestly considered starting a family with a scarecrow on more than one occasion. Lastly, your alcoholic dad destroyed his penis with a woodchipper.

I must add there’s one major exception to all of the forenamed pet owners. You might just happen to like that particular animal. This may very well be the case, but me being right is far more probable.

How Roundworms Sleep Fri, 30 Jun 2017 05:11:33 +0000

Across the animal kingdom, nearly all creatures sleep or display sleep-like states. The roundworm, Caenorhabditis elegans, does not sleep in a typical day-night cycle like humans and many other animals. Instead, these worms catch most of their z’s while transitioning from one larval stage to another, during a period called lethargus. When these creatures fall asleep, most of their neurons become inactive spontaneously, suggesting that sleep—at least in worms—is a passive state of the brain, according to a study published today (June 22) in Science.

“The condition between sleep to wakefulness is probably one of the most drastic changes that our brains undergo,” says Manuel Zimmer, a neuroscientist at the Research Institute of Molecular Pathology at the Vienna Biocenter in Austria. “How a brain can switch between such drastically different states is not really understood.”

To investigate this process, Zimmer and colleagues examined the brains of C. elegans. These worms do indeed have primitive brains, yet their nervous system comprises only 302 neurons, making it much easier to tackle than, say, the human brain, with billions of neurons, or even the fly brain, which has around 100,000 nerve cells.

Using transgenic worms engineered with a fluorescent indicator that becomes active in response to high calcium levels in neurons (a proxy for neural activity), the researchers imaged the C. elegans brain during the transitions between sleep and wake states by adjusting oxygen levels. Because these soil-dwelling creatures live among low levels of oxygen (10 percent), atmospheric oxygen concentrations (21 percent) induce hyperactivity and wakefulness.

The team discovered that when worms in a state of lethargus were kept at low oxygen levels, they would fall asleep spontaneously, and nearly three-quarters of their neurons would become inactive. Once oxygen levels were brought up to 21 percent, the creatures woke up and their nerve cells regained activity.

According to the study’s authors, these results suggest that sleep is controlled by something called an “attractor state” mechanism. “Consider a marble that rolls into a valley—it automatically is driven to that ground state, and you need some activity or energy to push it out of this valley,” Zimmer explains. Left on its own, it will ultimately stay in that ground state, he adds. And when the worm is tired, the role of sleep-inducing neurons is to deepen the hole of the valley, making it more likely to fall in and more difficult to get out.

“This is a stunning example, using a wonderful technology, that almost the entire nervous system is modulated, and in general, depressed, during the sleep state,” says Paul Sternberg, a nematode biologist at Caltech who was not involved in the work.

“I think [this study] supports this idea that sleep may, in fact, be more of a passive or default state in the absence of sensory input,” says David Raizen, a sleep neuroscientist at the University of Pennsylvania who also did not particulate in the work. “The reason this is interesting is because some of the very earliest theories of how sleep was regulated in mammals viewed sleep as a passive state.”

There are two main theories for how the transition from wakefulness to sleep might occur. One hypothesis is that sleep is controlled by some “top-down” mechanism, such as dedicated neurons that can promote either sleep or wakefulness. The other is that the emergence of sleep is more of a passive process that is established in the absence of arousing inputs. This study provides evidence for the latter theory: Sleep-inducing neurons, the findings suggest, simply put the brain in a state where it is more likely to surrender to slumber, rather than actively controlling sleep.

Some recent studies also support this view. For example, in 2012, a group of researchers discovered that cortical neurons from mice cultured in a dish displayed spontaneous oscillations that were similar to those seen in the cortex during sleep. This suggested that “in the absence of modulations or input, the default state of nervous systems is to go to sleep,” Raizen says.

See “Sleep’s Kernel”

Mammals, including humans, have periods of inactivity in the brain during deep (non-REM) sleep, Zimmer says. Though these oscillations between up and down states also occur in worms, the inactive periods are much longer lasting and not so regular.

“These differences likely come from the very different neuroanatomy of mammals and worms,” he adds. “While the exact activity patterns of a sleeping worm brain and a sleeping human brain can differ in the details, what can be generalised between worms and humans is that their brains switch from complex to simple activity patterns when falling asleep.”

25 Hysterical Yet Simple and Funny Pranks to Pull on Your Girlfriend Tue, 25 Apr 2017 08:28:45 +0000 Statutory Warning

There’s nothing like a good prank. It is especially hilarious when the person least expects it. So why wait for the 1st of April to play all the good pranks. Though, it is very important to find the right victim for a prank. How about your girlfriend? Choose the perfect time, place, and mood; you don’t want to make a bad day even worse, even if she will laugh about it later.

Pranks should be harmless, and let’s try to keep them that way. Choose colors that aren’t permanent, and will easily wash-off in a single rinse. Use ingredients that she isn’t allergic to. And remember, pull the plug on the prank if it is getting more serious than it should. The key is to pace yourself and not try all the pranks at the same time. Remember, you want to tickle her funny bone, and not annoy her. Unless, you are ready to endure the heartbreak of a break-up. Also remember, the tables can always turn. So once you’ve played the prank, brace yourself. For you know what they say, ‘Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned’.

Put food coloring in the hand soap dispenser.
Paint the tips of her pens and pencils with clear nail polish, so none of them work.
Cover the toilet seat with plastic wrap.
Rearrange her drawers and/or file cabinets in a different order. Mix everything around as much as you can.
Borrow her cell phone and change the language setting to a foreign language.
Swap her favorite shirt with a look-alike, the only difference being that it is 2 sizes smaller or larger than the original.

Coat the soap that she uses with clear nail polish, so it won’t suds up.
Buy a second remote and change the channel while she is watching something interesting. Doing this secretly without her understanding what’s happening would be a blast.
The grand mix up; replace salt with sugar, and wait for her to make salty coffee, early in the morning.
Secretly place confetti inside her umbrella. The next time she opens the umbrella she’s in for a surprise.
Put a dash of hot sauce into your sleeping girlfriend’s mouth.
Get a lock of hair extensions that match your girlfriend’s hair color and length. And pretend to cut her hair, and show her the extensions.

Set an alarm on her cell phone which will go off every 15 minutes.
Fill one of her handbag or purse pocket with ketchup or shaving foam.
Put mayonnaise or any other harmless liquid inside her shampoo bottle.
Paint her nails in some crazy colors while she is sleeping.
Hide her makeup and beauty products. Be ready for some backlash here though.
Buy a gift box, maybe from her favorite jeweler. Keep a pebble in it and glue the box shut. You may choose to gift wrap it or leave it as it is.
Buy her a small gift that requires a box, and gift wrap it. Place this in another larger box, and this in another box. Keep repeating this process till the box is large in size. Use as many boxes are you possibly can and gift wrap it. All you need to do now is gift it to her.
Buy another jewelry box and keep a note inside it saying, “oops… better luck next time!”.
Text her: “I have a secret to tell you, later”. Then don’t answer or respond to her text for quite a while.
Text her: “We need to talk”. Then don’t answer or respond to her text for hours.
Text her: “Honey, I haven’t been completely honest with you”. Again, don’t answer or respond to her text for hours.
“I know what you did”. After you send her this text, just let her answers flow.
Again, a reminder, that while playing a prank on your girlfriend, make sure she does not get hurt, and that you don’t hurt her feelings too. Pranks are just meant for fun.

Funny Pranks to Play at Sleepovers That’ll Have You Laughing Hard Tue, 25 Apr 2017 06:44:41 +0000

If your friend is one of those who sleeps with the mouth open, squeeze in some Tabasco sauce. The sleepover will surely be on fire after this!
Slumber parties and sleeping pranks, are two sides of the same coin. A slumber party cannot go without harmless pranks. They have to be done cleverly, in order to get the maximum fun out of it. Pranks don’t always need great apparatus and equipment. They just require intelligent planning and even better execution.

So, if you’ve been looking for some funny pranks to make this weekend a laugh riot, here are some things you will need to do.

Funny Pranks To Try

While your girlfriend deep in her sleep, squeeze out some shaving cream or toothpaste on her palms. Without disturbing her sleep, brush her face with a feather or something soft. The tingling feeling, will make her scratch her face. Then have fun watching your friend smack all the stuff onto her face. The plus side of using a shaving cream is that it gives the skin a moisturizing effect.

Sleep Well
DISCLAIMER: This prank is meant for adults only and do pick a teetotaler for this.

At least one of your friend is going to be a light sleeper, so here’s your chance to make him/her sleep like a baby. Before hitting the sack, mix 2 ounces of alcohol in the drink. Sit back and enjoy watching your friend bouncing off the wall. The poor thing will finally sleep like a child and wake up with high spirits (or at least, hope so)!

Funniest Prank
Slumber parties are the time that call for your weirdest imagination. While your friend is lost in the dreamworld, stealthily tie his/her limbs to the corners of the bed. The endeavor to get out of those cords will be quite a sight to behold in the morning.

This prank takes a great deal of effort. You can either use water colors or natural make up, to avoid any permanent damage. While your friend is sleeping, begin his/her hellish makeover. Be bold with colors and stick ons you choose, but do it without waking up the person. The shock your friend will get, will be worth every bit of the effort you took to pull-off this prank.

Lock Out
Make your friend sleep on a rug or on a single mattress. Drag him or her to another room, while they are in deep slumber. Lock the person in the room and then stack up all the furniture outside the door, the next morning. Wait for the yells to begin and prepare yourself for the wrath you will face, when you do finally open that door.

Disgusting One
Some pranks are the best, when they are at their worst. Slide some tomatoes in your friend’s pants, while he/she is sleeping. The tomatoes will get warm due to the body heat. As the person moves, the tomatoes, will get squashed underneath and become slimy, squishy, and really messy. Wonder what state will your friend be in, when he wakes up.

Scary Movie
Take red paint or lipstick and write creepy messages on the wall while your friend is sleeping. Next, open all the windows to let the breeze in. As the curtains begin to sway with the wind, it will create the much-needed spooky effect. Next, get everybody else out of the room and scream from outside the window so that it wakes up your friend. At the same time, get another friend to flash light at the message in red. As your poor victim wakes up to this horror, make sure there is a hidden camera recording the priceless expression.

Morning Alarm
Nobody likes to wake up to a ringing alarm and this is the exact sentiment that you will have to cash-in on to make this prank a great success. Gather as many alarm clocks as you can, including your friend’s cell phone. Set alarms at an ungodly hour in all the clocks, and all of them about five minutes apart. Next hide these clocks in places where your friend wouldn’t be able to find in a sleepy state. For instance, under the cupboard, below the bed, on top of a dresser, behind a stack of books, and so on and so forth. The frustrated friend will have no other choice but to wake up, and join the party again!

Grudges are Good
This prank is a special dedication to a friend who loves to watch horror movies. All you got to do is climb on top of a cupboard, pull your hair in front of your face (if your hair isn’t long enough, use a wig), and dress up in white, hold a torch below your face, and throw something at your peacefully sleeping friend to wake him/her up. Surely, they wouldn’t dare see a horror movie after this prank is done!

This one’s totally harmless! All you got to do is somehow manage to write ‘GOTCHA’ on your friend’s forehead. When they wake up in the morning, get ready to run as fast as you can!

The most difficult part about most pranks is that they have to be done with extreme care. If the person wakes up, the whole effort is gone for a toss. Be sure you do it surreptitiously, without making your friend toss or turn.

8 Samples of Funny Prank Calls You Can Make to Annoy People Tue, 25 Apr 2017 06:31:46 +0000

How many times has it happened to you that you have picked up the phone, only to be asked a question, “Sir, is your refrigerator running?”, and when you answer in the affirmative, you are squirming knowing that the response is going to be hardly funny, “Then why aren’t you running after it.” The only thing on the planet that is worse than a bad joke is a bad prank call. While these may be harmless practical jokes, they are hardly funny, which is missing the point of the entire exercise. In this article, we give you some funny ideas that will truly tickle the bone and will have you rolling on the floor in laughter.


Some of the funniest of pranks are those that are made to friends whom you know well and, therefore, you can kid around with for as long as you want. You know what their breaking point is and you know how long you can stretch the joke for.

# 1
Call up the person you are planning to play the prank on and ask for a fictitious person. The answer most obviously would be Wrong number. Call up the person several times over the next few hours, and in different disguised voices, ask for this person. At the end of the day, call up the person you are playing the prank on and say, “I am (name of fictitious person). Do you have any messages for me.”

# 2
Place a call to the local pizza place and insist on ordering for Chinese food. When they say they don’t serve the cuisine, throw a tantrum, and tell them why they should cater to customer needs.

# 3
Place a call to the person you are playing a prank on. When the person picks up the phone and says Hello, answer with a Hello. Then when they ask who you are insist that they called you and they should tell you who they are. Another twist on this would be to repeat everything that the person on the other end says.

# 4
This is one of the pranks to pull on your brother if you are trying to make him pay for something he did. When he is out with his friends, place a call to him and pretend to be an engineer from the cellular phone service. Tell him that there have been some issues with the network line and that they are checking the same for voice clarity and quality. Ask him to repeat what you say. Get him to repeat some stupid and nonsensical phrases but before going there start off with simple statements. You will have the pleasure of listening to his friends cackling in the background.

# 5
Call up a friend and pretend to be someone who is offering them a job. Praise their skills and how they have been recommended by several industry specialists. This is bound to make them happy and then start playing the fool with them. Ask for their email id and repeat it to them but with a mistake. When they try to correct you, ask them whether they are questioning your skills and abilities. It is bound to make them nervous. The call can end in a good laugh all around.

# 6
Call up your victim (a guy) and as soon as he picks up the phone, get a girl to say, “Hey, you need to know something. It is bad news…. I’m pregnant.” There is no guy on this planet who will not be freaked out by a sudden call like that.

# 7
Call up the person you are using the prank idea on and announce that you are an RJ and that the victim has won a one night’s stay at one of the most luxurious hotels in the city. Now proceed to tell him that in order to receive the voucher, he needs to answer some questions. Ask him some of the most embarrassing questions that you can think of.

# 8
Call up a random number and as soon as the person picks up the phone ask him or her, “Where do babies come from?” This can be a brilliant prank to play on someone if you are aiming at embarrassing them.

So now you know what are the good pranks to play on unsuspecting victims expecting a normal phone conversation. So go ahead and make that call and have a ball laughing.

These Pranks to Pull on Friends at Sleepovers are Too Damn Funny Tue, 25 Apr 2017 05:26:02 +0000

Having your friends over to spend a night together is in itself a very exciting experience. To add to the fun, if some interesting pranks are pulled on one another, the night can become even more happening. Scroll down for a list of some of the most hilarious pranks you can pull on your buddies.

Wait for your friends to fall asleep and tickle them with the corner of a paper. Put the paper in their ears or rub it on their arms. Do it very subtly though so that they don’t wake up. Very soon, you will see them trying to shoo away the “mosquito” with their hands!

One of the funniest pranks is to wake up a few minutes before them and then tie them to one another with their own clothes. When they wake up in the morning and try to get out of bed, it will be a lot of fun watching them pulling at each other’s clothes.

Involve some of your other classmates in the fun too. Call up a few of them and speak to them in a girl’s voice. Give a fake name and identity and ask them out on a date. Put the phone on speakers for everyone to hear how your classmates react, talk, and flirt with a “girl”.

Another fun prank is to watch a horror film together. Just before someone in the film is about to be chased and killed, sneak out of the room. Apply black polish on your face and wear a red lipstick. Cover your entire body, except for the face, with a white blanket and wait for the “killing scene” to start. Just when you see the killer chasing the victim in the film, take a big knife and run towards your friends. I am sure they will be petrified for a second. Believe me, after the initial scare, you all will be in splits.

Get around twenty balloons and fill them with air. As soon as your friends are asleep, take a pin and pop the balloons, one after the other. The loud noise will wake up everybody. Some of them would end up screaming, running, and shouting. Enjoy the scene and once everyone realizes what exactly has happened, they too will join you in the amusement.

When your friends are asleep, take a marker or a sketch pen and draw a clown face on their face, complete with the red nose, big black bulging eyes, and a small red mouth. When everyone wakes up in the morning, you will have a laugh riot looking at each other’s faces. A fun idea here is to apply nail polish if there are guy friends over or draw a thick mustache if there are girls.

If you have a dog at home, take its favorite food and apply it on your friends face, arms, and legs. After this, let your dog lick the food from your friends’ bodies. Make sure that when you pull this prank, your friends are fast asleep. Tape the entire thing, your dog licking their faces and your friends grinning and tossing around in the bed due to the disturbance caused by the dog. In the morning, show your friends this video and have a good laugh over it.

Play a game of truth or dare with your friends. Meanwhile, without telling anybody, keep a tape recorder nearby and record the game. This way, you get a chance to tape everyone’s secrets. Once the game is over, re-play the secrets. Your friends at this point would be ready to do anything if you promise not to give the tape to their parents!

Take some corn syrup and fill your friends’ shoes with it. In the morning, when they put on their shoes, the liquid will stick to their feet and socks. Though a bit messy, such harmless pranks can prove to be a lot of fun.

Before going to bed, put a bucket of water on top of the bathroom door. Whoever wakes up first in the night to go to the bathroom will have water spilled on him/her from the bucket! One caution though, tie the bucket so that it does not fall on somebody’s head. Play this prank as many times as you can, throughout the night.

Pranks should be played and taken in a good spirit, only then they will be fun and memorable. So, plan such pranks that do not cause any physical or emotional harm to your friends. They should be such that whenever you get together again, you can share a good laugh thinking about them.

13 Awkward and Funny Situations Only a Vegetarian Can Relate To Tue, 28 Mar 2017 08:32:03 +0000 Did You Know?
India has the largest population of people who follow a vegetarian diet, which comprises dairy products. In fact, it is mandatory for all packaged products to be marked as ‘veg’ or ‘non-veg’, to make it easy for identification.
Vegetarians are often ridiculed by everyone around them. Of course, being one is not easy, especially if you belong to a nation where people who are consuming meat are more in numbers. When you make your decision to be a vegetarian, many will be shocked, rather aghast, to know that you’re a vegetarian.
Be it a social function, a private date, or a family dinner, living with other meat-eating individuals is not easy, and vegetarians find themselves stuck in many awkward situations quite often. Yes, it is simply difficult for the counterparts to understand the plight of vegetarians, since they’re in majority.
Yet, taking them with a pinch of salt, here are some hilarious situations and things that vegetarians can understand better. If you’re one, you’ll certainly relate to them so much better.
Things Vegetarians Hear All the Time!
On a road trip, you don’t know what to do!

You’re out on a road trip with your friends, and they’re all excited about eating at a popular food joint, and you’re feeling so left out and miserable about life. While you struggle to find an eating joint that supports people like you, you’ve got to either bring your own food, or finally it is just alcohol or fruit juice that comes to your rescue.

A vegetarian’s thoughts: My life is miserable!
So you survive on salad?

This should come in the list of ‘FAQs About Vegetarians’. Moreover, the counterparts think that, all that vegetarians eat are leaves.

A vegetarian’s thoughts: Yeah, simply because I am a vegetarian means I survive on grass! Seriously, a splendid job can be done even with veg food. Do you know there is plentiful of rich calorie veg food that can assist in gaining weight?
Would you still like some of this to taste? It’s yum!

Some people are good at enticing others to eat yummy and high-calorie food. Especially when a non-vegetarian is enjoying his food, he feels pity for you that you eat such ‘bland’ food. They’ll try their level best to make you enjoy ‘their’ food.

A vegetarian’s thoughts: Why can’t some people enjoy their own food, and keep it with themselves? Why are they so hell-bent upon making our throats gulp that stuff down? No, our tongues are not so keen to taste that delicious meal of yours!
Oh come on, don’t be so fussy. Food is food!

You always have grandma who loves celebrating festivals preparing her trademark meals with all enthusiasm. And she believes that after her hard work, she must get a pat of appreciation. Hence, you’re obliged not to be picky, and taste it, and not forget to sing her praises.

A vegetarian’s thoughts: Sorry grandma, I can’t do this.
You’re on a date, with a non-vegetarian!

Well, this is seriously a awkward situation. You want to order veg food, and you keep hunting for it on the menu, and your date is clearly losing patience.

A vegetarian’s thoughts: Okay, I know this is taking an eternity, but this place sucks!
When you order vegetarian food, and realize there is meat in it.

Leave the commoners, sometimes even the waiters and chefs do not understand what vegetarian food actually is. You visit a foreign land that is not very veg-friendly, and manage to find some vegetarian food in some corner of the world. After the first bite, you realize it’s not veg after all! (Worse still, you never realize it!)

A vegetarian’s thoughts: Seriously, I’ve been eating this since for ever, and no one told me that it has meat in it!
Social invitations!

Any social invitation is a problem. You want to be polite, but you don’t know what to do. You ponder whether you should bring your own food, or simply tell them your preferences. Bringing your own food will seem rude, and telling them your preferences will also seem too picky. Damn, you’re doomed for life! A barbecue, a Thanksgiving dinner, and worse, a business meeting lunch can give you goose bumps.

A vegetarian’s thoughts: Why is it so difficult to be a vegetarian on this earth?
You don’t mind me eating non-veg in front of you?
Some super-conscious people believe that you can’t bear the sight of non-vegetarian food. Hence, they’ll be over-kind and ask you this question, much to your dismay.

A vegetarian’s thoughts: No, I am going to puke! Can we make things easy for all of us? You concentrate on your plate, and I concentrate on mine. And be done. And for the record, I don’t care if you eat a dinosaur in front of me.
OMG! You’re a vegetarian? Your body is sans proteins!
Some like to believe that you belong to a class of malnourished people, or those subjecting their bodies to torture simply to stay fit.

A vegetarian’s thoughts: Seriously, there is a population out there who survive on vegetarian food. They’re not undernourished, nor do they die. They stay perfectly healthy as you are. And FYI, there is lot of veg food that contains proteins. Also, there are many health benefits of being a vegetarian!
Sometimes you’re left with no option but to eat a fruit
Okay, you had already informed your host beforehand that you eat only vegetarian food. At the party, all are enjoying their sumptuous meal, and you get a paltry offering of some leaves and fruits.

A vegetarian’s thoughts: This is injustice!
Some people simply do not understand what vegetarian is!
Many people even consider fish and eggs to be vegetarian food.

A vegetarian’s thoughts: No comments!
You’re called to a dinner, and to your surprise, all you get is meaty food

Your boyfriend/girlfriend invites you to his/her home for dinner, and they serve meat on your platter, without thinking for a moment, and you don’t know what to do next!

A vegetarian’s thoughts: Didn’t you tell them that I am a vegetarian?
So what, plants are living beings too. You’re killing them for food
You’re sure to get such free advice and blames on you, only because you’re a vegetarian.

A vegetarian’s thoughts: Sure plants are living beings too, I do not deny that. But even if I don’t eat them, they will be dead listening to your philosophy.